Metamag Magnesium Solutions


April 17th, 2006

On behalf of Quad Cast, Inc., I extend our utmost gratitude for your time and that of which includes everyone on your staff.

Although this is our first magnesium launch, the training and installation of the cell went very well - it's ahead of schedule and ready to go. Needless to say, without all the superlatives, as a company, we feel confident of our future success and we appreciate having Metamag as a partner in our efforts to become a force in the magnesium die casting marketplace.

With my best regards,
Mickey Warner
Engineering Manager
Quad Cast, Inc.

September 9,2004

I, Joe McNeil of Intermet Hannibal Missouri USA recognize Metamag Inc. to be a company who has been supplying magnesium melting and transferring equipment to this industry since 1986.

Intermet Corporation is one of the world's foremost producers of cast-metal automotive components. Intermet supplies hot-chamber and cold-chamber, high-pressure die casting and advanced metal-casting technologies.

Intermet has eight (8) complete Metamag Melt Cells and has been relying on Metamag as a supplier for magnesium equipment including but limited to Metamag pump parts,and tubes, elements, etc. since 1997.

Metamag Inc. is a distinguished company, who, for over 25 years, has been providing innovative products, customer service, and is dedicated to researching and developing their products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Joe McNeil
Senior Project Engineer