Metamag Magnesium Solutions

MetaMag Magnesium Remelting Technology

Magnesium is a highly recyclable material consuming only 5% of the energy required to manufacture the primary metal. Recycled magnesium ingots are required to meet the same criteria as the primary metals in terms of composition and oxide content.

The new MetaMag magnesium recycling system recycles scrap magnesium without the formation of dross and sludge and virtually elimiantes oxidisation of the magnesium.. The system increases the efficiency of the die casting operation and reduces operational costs. The Meta Mag system recycles scrap into reuseable ingots for as little as 8c lb. compared to external scrap recycling charges of up to 40c lb.

Benefits of Metamag Inline Remelt System

  • Up to 95% savings on recycling costs
  • Close loop process
  • More efficient use of energy required to preheat and melt magnesium
  • Minimizes the chance of contamination of scrap portion of the magnesium casted part, minimal contact with other surfaces
  • Simple recycling furnace cleaning
  • Capital expenditure reduction for recycling system can be done on a smaller scale
  • Minimal scrap handling needed only to gather overflow and flash
  • Less transport traffic
  • Overflow and flash can be sent to outside source for recycling with minimal cost and loss
  • Magnesium can be purchased from preferred vendors without tolling agreement
  • Inventory reduction

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