Metamag Magnesium Solutions

Magnesium Melting Technology


Complete Cell Turn Key System

Tight process parameters are crucial to a magnesium delivery system. At Metamag our products incorporate all of the critical functions of the delivery system into one main processor and operator interface. Besides the fact that much needed floor space is saved, we are not able to see how a system could be call “Turn Key” if each component of the melt cell has its own control panel. This latter would make communication between the equipment practically impossible, and would tend to become confusing when problems would arise.

Central control Interface

Complete control from a single source

Metamag controls are located in one cabinet, which uses an operator interface with a function key pad. All data, temperature parameters, pump outputs, and cell monitoring are made simple and are in one location. The sophisticated program, that is the heart of the integration, controls the anticipative portion of the program that allows the bath temperature to increase before an ingot is charged, eliminating temperature swings. The program controls the functionality of the Preheater to ensure proper sequencing of all the components.

Faster processing and operational efficiency

The Metamag Transfer Pump is also controlled with the cells PLC program. This ensures proper communication between the die cast machine, furnace, and pump controls. In order to guarantee repeatability, we designed our pumps to utilize a vector drive and dynamic braking. These make the response time between pour time and pour speed almost immediate. The operator interface also provides a trouble shooting guide that pin points the problem and instructions the operator how the fix the problem.

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