Metamag Magnesium Solutions


MetaCast MTP Series Aluminum Pumps

MetaCast MTP Series aluminum pumps are designed for accurate molten aluminum handling and accurate metering. The aluminum transfer pump is one piece construction using proprietary, high-strength, high-temperature bonded, ceramic-infused refractory that is ideal for molten aluminum metal transfer, furnace-to-furnace or to transport ladle, with no heat loss during transfer. MTP aluminum pumps are equipped with controls that guarantee repeatability, shot after shot, and is ideal for HPDC.

MetaCast Aluminum Transfer Pump Performance

Pump Speed 20 HERTZ 25 HERTZ 30 HERTZ 40 HERTZ
Meta Transfer kg/sec 2.5 4.25 6.75 8.25

MetaCast MTP Aluminum Pump Features


Metacast MCP Series Aluminum Pumps

MCP aluminum pumps are designed for circulating / degassing molten aluminum. The aluminum pumps are a complete departure from conventional mechanical pumps with only two components in contact with the metal -unlike competitive products with 12 components in direct contact-making it the most trouble free pump available. The MCP aluminum pump body is a one piece construction manufactured from high-strength, high-temperature, ceramic based refractory with no touching components under the surface.

Metacast MCP Aluminum Pump Features

Metal Flow Rate

Model Flow rate (kg/min) Hertz
MCP-1000 1,000 20
MCP-2620 2,600 20
MCP-6225 6,200 25

Electric Vector Motor Size

Model Horse Power Voltage
MCP-1000 2 110/240/single-phase
MCP-2620 3 600/480/400/3-phase
MCP-6225 7 600/480/400/3-phase

Pump Dimensions

Model Diameter Height
MCP-1000 330mm 1,200mm
MCP-2620 420mm 1,370mm
MCP-6225 490mm 1,450mm

Bath Depth

Model Minimum Furnace Capacity
MCP-1000 200mm up to 3,000kg
MCP-2620 200mm up to 18,200kg
MCP-6225 200mm 36,000kg