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MetaCast Crucible Aluminum Furnace

The new MetaCast 'Boost System' crucible aluminum furnace eliminates the need to have expensive exhaust recuperators to send in heated air with the combustion gases. The specially designed entrainment chamber ensures that all gases entering the firing chamber get burned with minimal waste. The combination of the high velocity entrainment and heat retention gives it an efficiency improvement of 40-70% over conventional furnaces. The 'Boost' tunnel system is used in all MetaCast specialty furnaces and adapts very well to oval crucible applications such as magnesium melters/holders.

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MetaCast 'Boost' Aluminum Furnace Features

Capacity Table for Gas Fired Boost System
Model Burner Btu/h Fuel Holding Capacity Melt Rate Hot Shipping Weight
MCG-80 300,000 Gas/Propane/Oil;
Electric models available
160lbs/74kg 70lbs/31kg/hr 2,200lbs/998kg
MCG-120 500,000 275lbs/124kg 120 lbs/54kg/hr 2,600lbs/1180kg
MCG-240 600,000 500lbs/230kg 240 lbs/108/kg/hr 2,700lbs/1224kg
MCG-350 850,000 700lbs/320kg 350 lbs/160kg/hr 3,000lbs/1360kg
MCG-450 900,000 1,000lbs/454kg 450 lbs/204kg/hr 3,200lbs/1452kg
MCG-660 1,500,000 1,600lbs/725kg 660 lbs/300kg/hr 3,400lbs/1544kg
MCG-1000 2,000,000 2,500lbs/1135kg 1,000 lbs/455kg/hr 5,600lbs/2540kg