Metamag Magnesium Solutions

New Metamag MP4-MG Magnesium Transfer Pump

2 Apr 2008

Metamag's new MP4-MG magnesium transfer Pump has been engineered for efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping over long duty periods.

The ‘True' alignment axis ensures centering of bearings and screw drive at higher speeds that reduces vibration and premature wear of the moving parts. The new generation pumps also feature technological advances in intake and sludge control while the pump is operational.

The heart of the magnesium pump uses our patented and proven liquid mg displacements technology and double pitch closed helcoids screw and ventury type outlet that reduces the risk of clogging.

The Metamag' MP4-MG magnesium pump is designed to produce a 30% increase in total output and provide improved operational efficiency.

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